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Community and Out Reach Work

Specific learning difficulties

Dyslexia North West is a member of the not for profit organisation, National Dyslexia Network. A group of specialist teachers, assessors, parents, grandparents and school leaders were discussing how the closure of a national dyslexia charity was going to negatively affect learners in their areas. Out of that discussion National Dyslexia Network was founded and our super powers were pledged to develop National Dyslexia Network into the organisation learners around the UK could trust. In that moment we vowed to ensure that NDN would provide outstanding services and best practice, policies and procedures. We pledged to do so with a community led social conscience.

Our policy is to raise awareness of dyslexia within the community. If you are holding a community event, please contact us, we can usually come to your venue, organisation, youth group, community group, workplace or school and have a member of staff on-hand to discuss any concerns your parents, students, staff, members, clients may have.

There is no charge for this. We can also come along and leave a Dyslexia Awareness table top, exhibition board for staff, clients, and students, to take a look at their leisure.


Recently we have attended:

  • School fairs and parents’ evenings

  • Libraries

  • Community Centres

  • Family fun days

  • Train Stations

  • Conferences

  • Hospitals


If you are interested in learning about the next event, please register your interest on our contacts page.

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