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Dyslexia need not be a barrier to success. The key to the right support is the identification of the individual's specific needs. We are passionate about providing the right help and support to enable individuals to change their lives.

We support children and adults, parents, schools, colleges, universities and employers. Advice and guidance on the support needs of all individuals with specific learning differences.



Assessments start from £150 for exam access arrangements & individual learning plans. There are also screening & diagnostic assessments by consultant Psychologists & Specialist Assessors.


Specialist Literacy and Maths Tuition

Specialist tutors work face to face and online teaching all children with literacy and maths difficulties. Get in touch to find out more.



Need specialist tuition / diagnostic assessments / learning plans / exam access arrangements?

Did You Know?

1 in 10 people are estimated to have dyslexia, meaning more than 6.3 million people in the UK are potentially affected.

Dyslexia North West Reviews

My child is now making fantastic progress with his reading and writing. All provided online during this pandemic. I was initially very sceptical but am delighted to be proved wrong by such skilful specialist multisensory tutoring. Mr. C

Girl with Teacher

"We have been very satisfied with the on-line tuition. Hazel and my daughter have been able to carry on where they left off during face-to-face sessions."  Mrs B

"We are extremely satisfied with the specialist tuition my daughter has received. She has gained in confidence, resulting in her improvement in all aspects of her schoolwork and in exams too."  Mrs A

"The assistance my daughter has been given has increased her confidence. Hazel explains things in a way my daughter understands and this is helping her greatly with all aspects of her schoolwork."  Mrs H

"For my son, the 1:2 option has been good for his confidence. He is able to decode sentences better and doesn't have a fear of reading anymore."  Mrs P


Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you all and to let you know "H's" assessment has changed everything for the better, in a way I could not have imagined. I had not realised your report would have such an impact and attending your open day would kick start the process, as I only really went as I was not sure where to go for help. Your report was very well received by his school, who recognised that your reports were known to be thorough. In conjuction with your report and your recommendation to visit our GP, H is no longer writing in class (except for maths) and everything is recorded on a laptop. He no longer looks for the shortest, quickest answers to questions but has the confidence to write at length to help build up his word bank. His teachers are also giving him some allowance before issuing detentions. The school has provided a laptop which is used in lessons and will be used in his formal GCSE examinations. We have a greater understanding of his condition and his disorganisation and lack of co-ordination and work to help him rather than get frustrated by comparing him to his sibling. We have some way to go to rebuild his self esteem you identified as lacking but we are working on this. Thank you for all your help and guidance.  Mrs C


I have keenly watched the progress of the Sound Check Project, since it started in September 2013 and would like to express my thanks for your hard work in making it a success. You played a very crucial role in helping young pupils so that they could not only pass the Phonics Check, but also become more confident learners. It was the personal stories that were shared with me and the Executive Team about your impact on individual pupils that were so heart-warming. The results from the project have been recognised by the Department for Education and this has resulted in further funding. I would like to record my thanks on behalf of Dyslexia Action for your wonderful contribution.

Kevin Geeson/ Chief Executive Dyslexia Action

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